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Tony Couch's Mid Georgia Trail kicks off January 21st

Legendary angler and Georgia Big Stick Tony Couch is back with another year of his successful Mid Georgia Tournament Trail. Tony runs a great tournament, and this year will be focusing only on Lakes Oconee & Sinclair. Other than Hammond's Digital Tournaments on Lanier (see our post in this blog) Tony's Mid Georgia trail is the only one we know of that actually offers weekday tournaments on a regular basis (about every other Thursday) as well as Saturday tournaments twice a month. Tony, who was once rated #13 in the world bass ratings, still fishes the Bulldog BFL. He has finished in the top three of the Bulldog BFL points race in three out of the last five years--and won the title outright in 2016, not to mention finishing in the Top 20 of the Toyota Series in three of the last four years he fished. In the midst of all of this, Tony was conducting his own tournaments, which (fortunately for us) he does not fish. Tony's MLF/FLW record is no small feat--particularly given the number of BFL and ABA hammers that compete against him.

Here's his 2021 schedule (sorry about the quality--but Tony was kind enough to send this to me via a text so that we could go ahead and publish it) and you can check out other tournament trail schedules, like the BFL, by clicking on their web sites.

If you have questions about his tournaments, call Tony at 706.818.4727.


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