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Roomies on the lake, Couch’s title, Eufaula’s top guns



Butch and Sundance?–They Only Get Serious at First LightWhat are the chances you draw your roommate on the second day of a Super Tournament? The odds are too high to calculate. But that’s what happened when John Duvall and Jacob Thompson, who shared a Lakepoint State Park cabin during practice (along with Georgia Big Stick and fellow prankster Brad Stalnaker).  Both Duvall (who won the points championship last year and fished the All American in June at Kentucky Lake) and Thompson, of Monroe, who finished in the Bulldog’s Top 20 of the co-angler standings in 2016, finished fourth, Duvall as a boater and Thompson as a co-angler.


Two members of the funniest threesome on the BFL Tournament Trail, John Duvall (l) and Jacob Thompson ended up fishing together on the second day. If there had been a microphone on the boat, no doubt their hilarious banter would have gone viral.

That meant the two of them would be paired together on the final day. If you haven’t spent any time around John, Brad and Jacob, you are missing a good time. They could almost take their act on the road, or sell it to the “E” Network as a reality show (how does “Adventures with the Middle Georgia Musketeers” sound?). While much of their constant banter and teasing is not suitable for a G-rated blog–it kept the author in stitches at the Lodge’s seafood buffet on Friday night, including one story about their night out at the Hilltop Lounge in Eufaula (the top ranked bar in town, with two out of five stars).These guys never stop. Think about “The Hangover” on steroids.

So how did they do? Thompson actually held his position by bringing in a 5 pound 14 ounce kicker on Day 2, and picked up a nice check and trophy for fourth place. Duvall, a constant tournament threat on any lake, had a great day on Day 1 with 14 pounds, but couldn’t get his frog fish to cooperate on Sunday. He still finished in the Top 10.


Milledgeville’s Brad Stalnaker, the third member of the Middle Georgia Musketeers, didn’t make the Day 2 cut, but he was glad to be headed to his deer stand on Sunday morning. (Photo courtesy FLW.)

Brad Stalnaker, their cabin-mate and fellow comedian, didn’t make the cut on Saturday, but wasn’t heartbroken as he was glad to be headed home so he could get into his deer stand on Sunday morning.

Duvall, Thompson & Stalnaker, all qualified for the Regional Tournament at Seminole coming up next month. Don’t bet against any of them, as they might be the funniest guys in the parking lot the night before the tournament but when first-light comes around, these three have their game faces on–and the rest of the field should take note.

TONY COUCH LOCKS UP TITLE–Longtime Georgia Big Stick Tony Couch took home the honors for being the top angler for the Bulldog Division in 2016. Winning the $1,000 prize that goes with being number one, this long-time, likable pro is from Buckhead, living next to the shores of Lake Oconee.

Legendary Georgia Big Stick Tony Couch leads the BFL Bulldog Division.

Legendary Big Stick Tony Couch of Buckhead wrapped up the Bulldog Division’s Angler of the Year title at Lake Eufaula last weekend. (Photo courtesy FLW)

Like more than half the field, Tony had a rough tournament at Lake Eufaula, but he hung on to win the title over Bonaire’s Robert Dees by five points. This is just another reason why Couch, who has won major tournament at the B.A.S.S. and FLW Tour levels and was once ranked the 13th best angler in the world, is still a force as a tournament fishermen. Like Rick Clunn, Tony just keeps on winning. And Georgia Big Sticks sends along our congratulations to a title well-deserved.

Knock on Wood!Home cooking’ works for Eufaula AnglerDustin Wood of Eufaula, Alabama, took home more than $11,000 in earnings over three weeks, winning two BFL Super Tournaments in a row. Wood caught 34-6 in the Bama Division Super Tournament on


Eufaula resident Dustin Wood won two tournaments in two weeks at Lake Eufaula, taking home a total of more than $11,000. Get this: he’s only entered three tournaments and won two of them, while finishing in the Top 10 in the other. Impressive!

August 29th and then came back two weeks later and took home the Bulldog Division top honors with 28-3 over two days. Who says there’s a home town jinx for FLW anglers? Here’s a stat that is hard to believe: Dustin has fished just three BFL tournaments and won two of them (and finished in the Top 10 on the other). Mayor Jack Tibbs (who is an Alabama Big Stick when he’s not running the city) and his Strikezone Lures company needs to lock this Wood fellow into a long-term contract (or, Scott Montgomery, who owns Big Bites Baits and is another Big Stick, needs to add him to the Big Bites impressive roster of pros, as Dustin might just be the next Michael Neal).

Ken Smith Wins Co-Angler TitleLula, Georgia Angler takes home $2,730–Ken Smith caught 21-2 over two days at the Bulldog Super Tournament to win his first FLW event.


Ken Smith of Lula took home $2,900 for winning the co-angler side of the BFL Super Tournament on Lake Eufaula last weekend.(Photo courtesy FLW)

Kirby Allen of Leesburg, Ga. finished second with 17-8 and winning $1,385.


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